What to do in Costa Rica

Virtually any coast of the country boasts a fabulous place to surf. Our recommendation? Malpaís, Santa Teresa While you’re there, go ahead and take the snorkeling tour!

Puerto Jiménez is a great starting point for kayak tours through the mangroves in the area. Enjoy the view from your kayak, the lushness of the rainforest and the animals living at the edge of mangrove forests: insects, birds, frogs, monkeys.

Many spots in Costa Rica offer the chance to do some scuba diving, on the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. What’s more, you can take lessons right there. A legendary place to visit is Cocos Island, which also has a great history and is probably Costa Rica’s most preeminent natural protected area.

This is one of the most advertised sports in Costa Rica, and one of the most visible. There are different rafting categories suited to accommodate the more adventurous and more conservative travelers. Costa Rica has a long tradition in this sport, so you can rest assured about the safety of the experience.

Traveling by boat through Costa Rica’s rivers and canals, across canyons sculpted in the mountains, you will feel the Costa Rican breeze, and perhaps soft rain, and see animals in their wild habitat.

You will find hiking trails in virtually all parks and recreational areas in the country. Part sport, part tourism, hiking is the best way to get to know Costa Rica’s landscape and wildlife. Normally, paths are well-marked, and in some parks and reserves there are maps hikers can use for guidance. It is essential to wear the right shoes and carry water and a raincoat, and always stay on the marked trails.

Descend high mountain peaks down to the ground, behind a spectacular waterfall or between the rugged walls of a canyon.

One of the best spots for windsurfing is the lagoon of Arenal Volcano. You will find specialized outfitters where you can hire equipment and take lessons. The average wind speed is about 50 km per hour, and usually drafts remain constant throughout the day, from around 6 am to 6 pm.

Need we say something about the adrenaline you feel when bungee jumping? Bungee jumping is a longstanding sport in Costa Rica. You can bungee jump at ease. Many expert companies can offer you an adrenaline-filled experience.

Jump off a mountain and fly across blue skies in a paraglider. Experience the thrill of skydiving, in a softer but equally intense manner. You will find places where instructors provide you with the information needed to enjoy the ride. There is tandem equipment available, which allows you to enjoy the experience with the help of a skilled pilot.

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